Hello and welcome to our blog. We are a family of 4 and have been home educating since our eldest son would have started school in 2012. Dh and I share the H.E duties between us. We're going to try blogging partly to encourage us to reflect on what we're doing and partly to share what we're up to with anybody who may be interested. As a family we are all really enjoying home ed. so if we help in any way to support others or to help spread the word then that would be wonderful.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Meditation Monkeys

We usually start school with some Buddhist practice and recently we have been talking about the 'monkey mind' and how we can learn to be calmer and happier by bringing our attention back to the present moment. Ds7 had an idea to make a picture of this. Here is our 'True Home Tree'.

The boys drew monkeys and labelled them with the kind of thoughts that tend to make our minds leap away when meditating ("I'm hungry", "I wish we had a dog", "is it sports class today?"). They started off on the tree but leapt off after a while. Then we brought them back to the tree by ringing our mindfulness bell. 


  1. I'm sorry, A's wonderful hair is preventing me seeing anything else in this post. ;-)

  2. He he! It was a home day so the comb had a rest....