Hello and welcome to our blog. We are a family of 4 and have been home educating since our eldest son would have started school in 2012. Dh and I share the H.E duties between us. We're going to try blogging partly to encourage us to reflect on what we're doing and partly to share what we're up to with anybody who may be interested. As a family we are all really enjoying home ed. so if we help in any way to support others or to help spread the word then that would be wonderful.

Sunday 8 November 2015

History activities

In the last few months I had stopped doing so many of the activities from Story of the World. I had started to feel they were rather irrelevant at times, and looked suspiciously like busy-work. The boys missed them, though, and so we have started doing them every week as we did in the past. They are definitely re-enthused by history which, at this age, is my main aim so I'm very happy to get the glue sticks out again! 

(Here are out Persian arched bridge and 30-Years War uniform dressing dolls)

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