Hello and welcome to our blog. We are a family of 4 and have been home educating since our eldest son would have started school in 2012. Dh and I share the H.E duties between us. We're going to try blogging partly to encourage us to reflect on what we're doing and partly to share what we're up to with anybody who may be interested. As a family we are all really enjoying home ed. so if we help in any way to support others or to help spread the word then that would be wonderful.

Friday 28 October 2016

The Long Way Round

To appreciate the strategic importance of the Suez Canal we nominated the door between our living area and kitchen to represent it for the morning. Really annoying! Lots of trips out through the front door, round the side of the house ("Africa") and in the back. 

We also did Art. Dogs feature in just about everything round here at the moment, including a real dog from the farm who keeps visiting us! 

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